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stepping stones and evolutionary rescue

I promised to discuss “evolutionary rescue” – the ability of populations to adapt to¬†environmental¬†change so that they do not go extinct. Like many terms in evolutionary biology this should not be taken anthropomorphically – there is no rescuer. However it … Continue reading

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a drop in the ocean

Human-caused increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide have consequences besides climate change. For example, they are causing the ocean’s pH to drop with unwelcome consequences as corals struggle to accrete their calcium carbonate skeletons. What makes this process interesting from a … Continue reading

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complex processes

Inferring evolutionary dynamics is difficult because there is not a one-to-one relationship between genotype and phenotype. One phenotype may be the product of different genotypes. Conversely, the expression of a given genotype depends on the environment. This leads Michael Travisano … Continue reading

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soft sweep

Welcome. Aim: to highlight recent literature. Focus: evolution and genetics/genomics particularly experimental evolution. Why the name? There is plenty of good stuff out there so there is no need to wait for the next good thing…

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